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Why Dyfed Superfast?

At Dyfed IT, we want everyone to enjoy the benefits of a fast broadband connection.

So over the last few years we have been putting together a network of masts and antennas which can beam a super fast wireless internet connection to your home or business where other options don’t exist, or are just not good enough.

We currently can offer 30mbps with unlimited usage for £33/month.

To find out if we can supply wireless broadband or superfast fibre to your area please contact us on – 01239 545033.

What is Dyfed Superfast?

Find out how Dyfed Superfast provides great Internet

Where and When

To get wireless broadband you need to be able to see one of our masts

What does it cost?

We have options to suit everyone... business and residential

Free Installation!

How you can get Dyfed Superfast installed for free!

Got a question?

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What our customers say…

Just wanted to say my hat is off to you sir, wi fi speed test on iPads are 24Mbps down and 4.23Mbps up…..fantastic. Mrs G now has instant access to the service as soon as she opens her iPad.
Brilliant!! Thank you so much.
Les Groves - Henllan
I can say that, for the three months that I have been connected, the speed gain and reliability of the service has enabled me to undertake work over the internet that was previously not possible.
The professional set-up of both hardware and software connections at my house was completely unobtrusive. Once installed, you would think no-one had been.
Peter Dixon - Tanygroes
It has transformed my working business systems speed. DYFED IT provide a great friendly service, nothing was too much trouble, no question was a silly one. They kept me updated through the whole process. The installation took only a few hours, with no real disruption. If they need to do any maintenance ( it was just a few tweaks in the first few weeks and that was only to improve things) they keep me updated.

Superfast News

How To Conduct The Most Accurate Speed Test

If you have your broadband set up with Dyfed Superfast you may have done some speed tests by now, please be aware your speeds may vary depending on a number of things such as; Your computer (older computers tend to be slower) When you use your connection – peak times are evenings (6-10 pm) and weekends The way you connect your computer to your Hub (a [...]

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Welsh Government’s hostility over delay to new broadband contract

Russell George the Conservative AM for Montgomeryshire in Wales, has criticized the Government's lack of explanation over the delay in awarding contracts for their new “superfast broadband” (30Mbps+) roll-out project, which aims to reach 88,000 extra premises in poorly served areas and could be worth up to £200m. So far, around 95% of homes and businesses in Wales are already estimated to be in reach [...]

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Broadband movie download & web streaming services

Over the past few years the UK has witnessed an influx of new internet based video streaming services, many of which offer a wide selection of both online TV and Movie content. This, without a doubt, is due to the ever-growing fast and flexible broadband connectivity. It is clear to see that video streaming has its own unique position in the market, but the question is, which service [...]

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Ultrafast fibre optic broadband’s taking over!

Related Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP/H) networks generally transmit their data using a combination of laser light and high capacity optical fibre cable, which is capable of delivering Gigabit class speeds and will easily go many times faster in the future. Networks like this are preferable to the less reliable electrical signals found inside copper or aluminium metal cables, which are usually significantly slower. On the flip side FTTP/H networks [...]

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