Welsh Government’s hostility over delay to new broadband contract

Russell George the Conservative AM for Montgomeryshire in Wales, has criticized the Government's lack of explanation over the delay in awarding contracts for their new “superfast broadband” (30Mbps+) roll-out project, which aims to reach 88,000 extra premises in poorly served areas and could be worth up to £200m. So far, around 95% of homes and [...]

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Brecon Beacons Village of Crai goes live with High Speed Rural Broadband from Dyfed Superfast

Residents of the rural Powys village of Crai in the Brecon Beacons will have access to broadband speeds of 30Mbps or more. Earlier this month we launched our high speed wireless broadband network in the village of Crai in the Brecon Beacons National Park which will deliver connection speeds of up to 30mbps with unlimited [...]

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Can we increase your download speed?

We all know that some remote parts of Britain struggle to get a decent broadband connection, some places still get nothing at all. Here in West Wales we always thought we were the poor relation and now we have proof. Following a recent study for the British Infrastructure Group of MP's these are the worst [...]

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How does having Superfast Broadband change your life in Rural Wales?

When you live in any rural area you have simple day to day struggles; shopping, paying bills, finding work, and keeping up with village life. So most of us use the internet for everything, we even work from home as jobs aren't easy to come by. Unfortunately here in West Wales we were at the [...]

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Should carehomes offer wi-fi for their residents?

Were you aware that internet use for those aged 65 and over tripled between 2006 - 2013? The Office of National Statistics say that the older generation have now turned to the internet for their banking, shopping and keeping in touch with family as they spread wider around the world. Do you run a carehome? [...]

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95% of homes within reach of superfast broadband

We live in rural West Wales where superfast broadband to some homes is just a dream. Well our guys should wear their pants over their overalls just like this superhero as we're actively getting superfast broadband to some of the most difficult areas. We're doing it with the help of the Government and the £440m [...]

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Bobs First Day

Its my first day in the Dyfed Superfast office!! I have been having a super day running around causing mischief (its lucky I'm cute). Today I have eaten 2 rolls of tape and some carpet, the tape was tasty!! I love working with the team at Dyfed IT they all work very hard but still [...]

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