Dyfed Superfast FAQ’s

Dyfed Superfast is a wireless broadband product.  It provides high speed Internet access without using your phone line.  Many people have access to superfast fiber (also known as BT Infinity or FTTC) however there are a lot of areas which currently do not have access to fiber.  Dyfed Superfast is an alternative to fiber.
Dyfed Superfast is owned and operated by Dyfed IT Solutions Ltd.  We are an IT company based in Newcastle Emlyn that provides IT services and support in Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire.

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Dyfed Superfast is a wireless broadband system which needs near line of sight between the transmitter (our masts) and your home or work.  We are expanding our masts all the time however the only way to know if you can get it is to contact us and we can do an online check and if need be a visit to confirm.
Depending on the package you choose, we can provide speeds ranging from 10Mbps to up to 50Mbps. 30Mbps is standard and our most popular package.
We offer between 10 Mbps and 50 Mbps depending on which package you choose.  30 Mbps is our most popular
Yes, the connection will work with all devices and will be fast enough to ensure all your devices work without any lag or buffering.  It will be fast enough to download and stream video content/programmes without any disruption!
We supply the following equipment:

  • Wireless Receiver Dish
  • Router (works like your existing broadband router) (requires a single 13amp socket for power)
You can purchase Wi-Fi access points to boost the signal within your home. If you need this simply contact us and we will advise on what you need and send them out to you.
Each premises is different but we generally allow 1 working day to install.
Yes, the signal is caught by a small receiver dish which we attach to the side of your house and run a cable down into your property to connect to the router inside your home.
Yes. The weather does not affect Wireless Broadband.
Installation costs vary from property to property and depend on the package you choose. The majority are funded through the Welsh Assembly Government Access Broadband Cymru Voucher Scheme, full details of which and how to apply are found HERE.
Your on-going monthly costs will depend on which package you choose. Please see our Pricing Page for full details.
The minimum term of the contract is 12 months.
The minimum contract term is 12 months, should you wish to cancel before this you may need to pay back the cost of the installation if this was paid for by the Welsh Assembly Government Access Broadband Cymru Voucher Scheme.  Full details of the terms of the voucher scheme of this can be found HERE.
If we are not able to supply you with Wireless Broadband due to no direct line of sight or no mast in your area yet we can let you know if we plan to install a mast in your area soon and keep you updated.
No. There is no proof at all that it is dangerous, it uses the same technology as any other wireless systems which you more than likely have running in your home already, for example if you have your router set to connect to your devices via Wi-Fi then you are already using wireless technology in your home without any issues.

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