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Dyfed Superfast is wireless broadband.
You get superfast Internet, very similar to superfast fiber, but instead of using your phone line it’s provided wirelessly from a local mast.

The Dyfed Superfast network uses a technology known as Fixed Wireless Access with a series of masts and low power microwave transmitters. Subscribers will have a small dish receiver installed free of charge to connect to the network when they subscribe. Our Unlimited, 30Mbps broadband is just £30 a month with reduced rates for slower speeds if the full superfast service is not required.

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  • We “beam” high speed Internet to a mast or antenna in your area.
  • We install a small receiving antenna or dish on your home or business which is pointed to your local mast.
  • We provide a wireless Access Point (AP) in your home for you to connect your computers, Ipads, phones and games consoles too.
  • You enjoy high speed Internet, just like your normal broadband only much faster!
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Dyfed Superfast is green!

Not only is Dyfed Superfast super fast… it’s also super reliable and super green!  Most of our transmitters are wind powered and we’re working towards all our infrastructure being green.

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