What is voip?

(voice over internet protocol)

Voip calling allows you to make and receive calls using the internet rather than the traditional landline telephones at a cheaper call rate. It couldn’t be easier and you can make and receive calls from any network or number regardless of the equipment the other caller is using.

We can supply you with all the equipment you need to set up voip calling, be it for home or work purposes and you can retain a landline or opt for voip calling only service.

*voip adapter allow you to keep your existing landline telephone equipment. It works by converting the voice signals that traditional landline phones use into digital data that can be transmitted using the internet. It’s a box that resembles a home hub, with ports allowing for landline and internet cables and your phone to be connected. You use your telephone in the same way as before to make and receive calls. You can also switch to using the landline if for any reason you may wish to.

*voip cordless homephones or *voip wired desk phones are internet only phones that you use in the same way as a traditional landline phone but without the added cost of line rental.

If you have any questions regarding Internet calling you can contact us on 01239 545 033 we will be glad to offer you advice regarding this service.

*Types and styles may vary due availability, you will be given a list of our recommended phone equipment when you place your order.

VoIP connection charges PDF
Voip – Full International Calling Rates