Where Dyfed Superfast is available

We currently provide a large area with broadband in rural Carmarthenshire & rural Ceredigion and we are continually expanding our unlimited superfast broadband internet connection across Wales. To receive wireless broadband you need to be within sight of one of our masts.  Distance is not an issue however hills, trees, buildings and other objects may prevent you from receiving wireless broadband from us.

How can I find out?

The best way to find out if you can get Dyfed Superfast is to contact us and we can arrange a survey (at no cost).  We’ll perform an online check and if necessary arrange an engineer to visit at your convenience.  You can call us on 01239 545033, email wirelessbroadband@dyfedit.co.uk or fill in our contact form below.

If you can receive Dyfed Superfast then we’ll talk to you about locating the antenna and the grants that may be available to pay for the installation.

If you can’t get Dyfed Superfast

Sometimes even if you are close to one of our masts it may be impossible for you to receive wireless broadband.  If this is the case then we’d be happy to suggest some possible alternatives; one is satellite broadband.   Satellite broadband is available almost everywhere and we’d be happy to quote.

Can you help us help you?

As we expand Dyfed Superfast to cover more areas, we are always looking for new sites to locate our transmitters.  We are always happy to discuss options and of course compensate you for using your property or land.  The picture below shows an installation providing broadband to a small hamlet. (The small dish receives wireless broadband and the tall white pole re-transmits… the TV aerial does nothing!).

See here for more information.

The maps below show our current coverage.  If your postcode is in a green area we will be able to get your Superfast Broadband but please contact us and we’ll arrange a quick site survey .   We are always expanding our network so if you can’t get Superfast please let us know and we’ll see what can be done!

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